COVID-19 and Face Masks

Researchers have long known that masks can prevent people from spreading airway germs to others — findings that have driven most of the conversation around these crucial accessories during the coronavirus pandemic.

Four months of discord about the coronavirus epidemic have transformed the cloth mask in to a potent political symbol, touted by Democrats as being a key part of communal responsibility, labeled by some GOP leaders being a symbol of government overreach and being a scarlet letter pinned on the weak.

Wearing markers that adequately cover the mouth and nose causes the error rate of some of the most traditionally used facial recognition algorithms to spike to between 5 % and 1 / 2, a report from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has found. Black masks were very likely to cause errors than blue masks, as well as the numerous noses covered from the mask, the harder the algorithms found it to spot the face area.

custom face mask

And despite a lack of evidence supporting their effectiveness, the consensus now is apparently this: it’s safer to be safe than sorry — even when meaning wearing a scarf around that person.

The important of public health

But while masks are ideal for public health, additionally they make our interactions tougher by concealing the reduced part of our face. The constant social ambiguity can get harder to look at once states start examining more fully, so we resume some of our regular activities. Some professionals state that might portend a push toward different types of coverings that don’t hide our face. Or, it could imply that our norms of communication can change, perhaps forever.

In what is probable the most high-profile make an effort to utilize a medical condition to sidestep a mask requirement, it’s hardly the only one. Similar scenes have unraveled in North Hollywood, Dana Point and San Luis Obispo — and that’s just in supermarkets in California.


“Wearing of custom face mask in public places corresponds to the best ways to prevent interhuman transmission, which inexpensive practice, in partnership with simultaneous social distancing, quarantine, and speak to tracing, represents the most likely fighting chance to stop the COVID-19 pandemic, prior towards the progression of a vaccine” they wrote.

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